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1. Installation
(1) It is required to put the screw holes in the plane of frame installing fundamental basement uniform with the installation bolt holes of the Slewing Bearing.
(2) It is required that the temper stripe of tooth ring (external marking with letter¡¯s¡¯ shall be placed in the non-loading area or non-always loading area. The blockage point between the internal and external ring shall be at 180 to each other. The raceway¡¯s temper stripe of crane or excavator should be placed in angle of 90 with working load (Max) direction.
(3) Suspend and place down horizontally the Slewing Bearing on the plane of frame installing fundamental basement. Use the plug gauge to check their contact condition. Fill in partially with placer if there is clearance.
(4) Before tightening bolts according to peak point (Green paint markers) of radial movement to adjust interstices of gears. After tightening bolts, check side interstices of gears around the whole circumference to avoid unparallel contact and uneven force between big and small gears.
(5)Use high strength bolt when install Slewing Bearing. The strength class could be selected according to practical working condition and actual loads of the Slewing Bearing would be born. Bolts should be tightened horizontally and symmetrically and finally check them once again. Make sure that all the bolts in the circle have the same Pre-force. The installing bolt spacer should be flat spacer. It should not be used of any spring washers. Tighten the bolt step by step according to the following chart.

installation of bolt
The specifications of bolts should meet the standards of GB/T5782-2000 and GB/T5783-2000. Their strength class should not less than the regulation specified by class 8.8 of GB/T3098.1-2000. The strength class could be selected according to practical working condition and actual loads of the Slewing Bearing would be born.
The specifications of screw nut should meet the need of GB/T6170-2000 and GB/T6175-2000. Their mechanical properties must meet the need of GB3098.2-2000.
The spacer must meet the need of GB/T97.1-1985 and GB/T97.2-1985. They are all heat treated for temper hardening. It should not be used of any spring washers.
Make sure to have enough pre-tighten force during installation. Generally, the pre-tighten force would be 0.7 times of the yield limit of bolt. It might be smeared a lot of soft oil on the thread location. Pre-Tightening Torque or Forces of Bolts see table 4. The fixture length of the bolt LK=5d (where: d is the diameter of the bolt).
Pre-Tightening Torque or Forces of Bolts Note:

Pre-Tightening Torque or Forces of Bolts Note:

Specifications of the Bolts(GB/T5782-200GB/T5783-200) the Diameter of Installing Holes(mm) Bolt¡¯s Strength Class(GB/T3098.1-2000)
8.8 10.9
smin(N/mm2)Yield Strength Limit of Bolt Material
640 900
Pre-tightening Torque MA (Nm)
M10 11 44 62
M12 13.5 77.5 110
M14 15.5 120 170
M16 18 190 265
M18 20 260 365
M20 22 370 520
M22 24 500 700
M24 26 640 900
M27 30 950 1350
M30 33 1300 1800
Pre-tightening Force FA(103N)
M33 36 293 412
M36 39 344 484
M39 42 414 581
M42 45 473 665
M45 48 553 777
M48 52 623 876
M52 56 749 1054
M56 62 863 1214
M60 66 1008 1418
Note: (1)If the size of the bolt can not fit GB/T5782-000 or GB/T5783-000, the value of the table should be calculated anew. (2)The total friction coefficient between the bolt head and tightening face?0.14, it might be smeared a lot of soft oils on the thread location.
(6)After installing the Slewing Bearing, remove the dirt and dust on the Slewing Bearing, paint the part exposed in the air, and cover the races and gears with lubricating grease to prevent rusting.
2.Maintenance and Lubrication of the Slewing Bearing
(1) The Slewing Bearing had been filled with No.2 lithium based grease (GB7324-1994) in its raceway before delivery. When start to use it, user should cover it with lubricating grease again according to different working conditions.
(2)The Slewing Bearing should regularly be filled with lubricating grease in its raceway. Generally, it is necessary to relubricate raceway every 100 hours for ball type bearing, s, and every 50 hours for roller type support. The filling period should be shortened if there is the special working condition such as at the Torrid Zone, high humidity, severe dust, large temperature variation and long continuing working time. Before and after the running of the Slewing Bearing, it should be filled with enough new lubricating grease. Each time the race should be filled with lubricating grease fully until the grease ooze forth. When lubricating the Slewing Bearing, turn it slowly to let the grease distribute evenly.
(3)The gear faces exposed in air should periodically cleaned and spread with appropriate oil on it.
(4) Please check the pre-tighten force of the bolts after first 100 working hours of the Slewing Bearing. And after then check it once every 500 hours running. It must be always kept enough pre-tighten force.
(5)Stop and check the machine during operation if there is abnormal noise, vibration occurred or suddenly power rose. Remove the trouble or dismantle it for reqairing if necessary.
(6)It¡¯s best to take protective measures. Avoid the ill effects of wind, dust, rain, floods, and high temperature during operation. Shouldn let the hard materials access or enter in the engaging area of the gear.
(7)Regularly check the seal ring is that ok or not. Replace it if it is damaged and reset it when it is fallen.
3.Loading, Unloading, Storage and Transportation:
(1) Slewing Bearing has been sealed up before it leaves the factory. The packed Slewing Bearing can be stored for six months under suitable conditions. The grease should be changed every 10 month. After every 6 month it needs preservative packing again.
(2)The Slewing Bearing should be parallel placed, tightened rigidly and should not be touched or when it¡¯s transporting.
(3) Suspend and move horizontally the Slewing Bearing. Be careful not to collide it with other things, especially in the radial direction.
(4) When stack the Slewing Bearings, at least 3 wooden blocks of the same height should be evenly placed along the circle. And the blocks between the Slewing Bearings should be stacked one on top of the other.
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